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Type O Negative
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Places to visit before you turn 100

Krete, Greece
Venice, Italy
Tennessee, America
Oria, Italy

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  1. Back Online

    02/29/08 15:07:38 | 0 Comments

    I am finally back online, after a month with no connection, due to our move. The house is smaller than the one we moved from, but it is OURS. After a year of waiting, we are finally here. I am still looking for places to put things, and it irritates me a bit. But, I try to keep in mind that this is OUR house. Hubby tells me that we have even more space downstairs, in the tavernette, but I rarely think of that, probably because it feels like being in a cave to me. I...
  2. Monday

    10/22/07 15:43:39 | 0 Comments

    Finally, the package for our chocolate/yarn swap is in the mail! I hope she will like everything. Here is the link of the shop, or company, that we got part of the chocolate from. There is an English entry here.

  3. Booties in Blues

    10/19/07 13:07:41 | 0 Comments

    image I finished the booties last night. More info on my other blog. There is also a link there for the mittens I am going to make.
  4. Busy, busy, busy

    10/17/07 07:26:59 | 0 Comments

    Busier than I would like to be. I have posted about it on my Blogger. There's just too much for me to go through and type all over again. Especially with a sleeping Monster in my lap. I STILL hadn't been able to crochet! I had gotten up quite early this morning, thinking that I could, while Monster slept. WRONG!! Maybe in a...
  5. Unfinished Pants

    10/14/07 19:43:13 | 0 Comments

    Normally, I would have posted this on my Blogger bog, but, I don't know if my chocolate/yarn swap partner would see it or not there. I would prefer her not see it, just in case. Now, I ran out of the multi colored yarn, and couldn't find the rest f this yarn, which I thought I had, when I first started the pants. So, hubby took me to a close yarn/underwear shop, (weird, I know), nearby, and this was the best they could do. We got 2 balls of this. I am going to try to...
  6. Weirded Weather

    10/14/07 10:07:20 | 0 Comments

    Yea. I remember, this time last year, (what time I wasn't unconscious, anyway,), that the weather here was cloudy, rainy, dreary, and cold. I froze my pregnant butt off before we went to the hospital, while I was in the hospital, and on our way home. Very cold, it was! This year, it hasn't been nearly as cold, nor as cloudy or rainy. I will be cold one day, the next, I am about to break a sweat.
  7. Blue Socks

    10/13/07 18:47:52 | 0 Comments

    I finally finished these today.
    I used this free pattern. I used an F hook, added a few rows for length, and just did rows of HDC's on the ankle part.
  8. Marocchino

    10/13/07 10:54:31 | 0 Comments

    Oh. My. Gosh! We stopped at a small coffee shop at the Ipercoop to get change we needed for a shopping cart. We ordered 2 coffes. While we waited, the woman was making a maroccino,,,,,oh, MAN, did I ever stare and wipe the drool! She took and lined the inside of the glasses with Nutella, image Read More
  9. I Am Losing Weight

    10/12/07 12:52:52 | 0 Comments

    Oh, HAIL-FAR, people! This just makes me SO happy!!!!
    See, after giving birth to our Little prince, exactly a year ago tomorrow, I haven't been able to fit into almost any of my clothes. I only have 3 pair of jeans, which I had brought with me, in my clothing, when I moved. I have been wearing sweat pants and skirts all year. Today, for no apparent reason, while looking for the lost yarn, again, I...
  10. Ciao, tutti!

    10/11/07 11:36:35 | 0 Comments

    I am a few days late on my arrival, I did get an invitation to join here, but had been so busy, it had been almost impossible. I am still learning my way around, as I had jus now signed up. I have a sleeping monster in my arms, so I will do a lot more here later on.

My favorite brands

Oreo cookies
Peter Pan peanut butter is my preferred choice, (I am picky)
Levi's, before before their manufacturing went to Mexico

Eccletic Eye Candy

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